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    It’s the man in the ARENA

  • Your ideas become our task list.
    Your goals become our mission.

    Your success is our

    – Aaron Cohen


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    in today’s marketplace

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  • build relationships &
    enhance your market presence

    Strategic Planning


Aaron Cohen

Aaron is the President of Arena Strategies.  When he founded the company he paid homage to his political mentor Teddy Roosevelt by adopting his motto, to ‘Dare Greatly.’  He found out early that carrying a big stick is good, but a sharp axe is more effective.  He cuts through the clutter to achieve his clients’ goals.

Considered one of the preeminent strategic and political thinkers today, his counsel is sought by CEO’s, elected leaders, and policy makers.  It is his belief that in this information driven society liner models do not work you must include multiple variables, tangents, and innovations when you plan.

As President of Arena Strategies, Aaron has developed dozens of successful strategies for his clients.  Applying a unique approach to achieve each client’s goals has set the company apart and has given Arena a reputation of excellence.  In developing the Arena Strategies model, Aaron, has never believed that you pick clients based on their size but rather the size of the client’s vision.

Aaron is responsible for creation and implementation of the company business plan, client development, and coordinating all strategic activities on behalf of clients.  Since starting the company in 2005 Arena Strategies has grown over 20% each year.  It has also become an industry leader in business development and government affairs.

He is an innovative leader serving successfully in leadership positions for Coca-Cola, Franklin Quest, and the Project Management Institute. During the 1996 Olympic Games, Aaron was responsible for the management of 240 employees and the distribution of 82,000 tickets, working for the Project Management Institute, as a Certification Qualifications Coordinator, he helped develop the standards for the standardized PMP.

Aaron has successfully served as campaign manager and consultant to dozens of candidates from Governors, State Row Officers, United States Congressmen, State Senators, State Representatives, District Judges, Township Commissioners, and School Board members.  He has managed hundreds of employees and volunteers and has created some of the most successful campaign strategies that have won incredibly difficult races.

Through his political and business experiences Aaron has developed a unique national network.  His network of political and business leaders provides Arena Strategies’ clients unparalleled opportunities to execute their goals.

Aaron Cohen received his BA in Political Science from the George Washington University, in Washington, D.C.  He received his MA in Government from the Fels School of Government- University of Pennsylvania.  Service and community involvement have always been important to Aaron.  Since 2015 he has served as the Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Board of Greater Philadelphia, a role he cherishes deeply.  Additionally he serves on Clubhouse Services and Public Affairs Committees of the Union League of Philadelphia.

Aaron believes being a person of many passions.  Some of his passions include collecting and enjoying wine, travel, cooking and history.  He and his wife Priscilla have travel extensively, even if for work they find time to enjoy the people and learn about the culture where they are visiting.