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Joshua Novotney

Joshua moved to DC after working on Bush-Cheney 2004 in Iowa helping organize political grassroots strategies in the key swing state.  After arriving in DC, he became a political advisor in Washington, DC for Sens. Elizabeth Dole and John Ensign at the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  He worked closely with the entire Senate GOP Caucus to raise money and advise on national political strategies for the Republican leadership committee.  In 2008, Joshua started working for Sen. Arlen Specter in Washington as a political advisor organizing the Senator’s political meetings and fundraisers.  Later that year (after resigning from Specter’s office after the party switch), Joshua ended up working with Pat Toomey, as his finance director and senior advisor for the 2010 Senate campaign where he oversaw an $18m fundraising strategy which fueled the Senator’s victory.

After the campaign, Mr. Novotney was appointed by the Senator as a senior aide and policy advisor in his official office from 2010 to 2013.  He also continued as the Senator’s senior political advisor.  During his time in the official office, Joshua oversaw all issues affecting Philadelphia and parts of Pennsylvania that came through the Senator’s office (i.e. PHL expansion, Delaware River dredging, Federal Reserve briefings and Dodd-Frank implementation and its effects on local banks, Jones Act issues, federal regulatory issues, fighting to keep open local refineries, Right-of-Way applications, unfunded federal mandates, etc.), was in charge of staffing the Senator in all of his official meetings in the region and helped oversee the process on federal judge appointments in the Eastern and Middle Districts of PA.  He also acted as the representative for the Senator with the Congressional delegation at in-state meetings, events and press conferences when the Senator was unable to attend.  Joshua also staffed the Senator for all of his NYC financial services meetings due to his assignment on the Banking and Finance Committees.  To date, Mr. Novotney is the only senior aide from Sen. Toomey’s office who has left the federal government and entered the contract government relations industry.

Since leaving the Senator’s office, Mr. Novotney helped Gov. Tom Corbett as a senior advisor and aide on many state level issues in the region pertaining to economic development, tax issues, transportation funding, port expansion, education funding and the local shipyard.  He sat on the full board and TIP sub-committee of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) on behalf of the Governor.  He also acted as the Governor’s representative and liaison with many local elected officials in Pennsylvania.

After leaving Governor Corbett’s office, Joshua joined Arena Strategies to focus on federal government relations.  He brings his strong personal knowledge of Senator Toomey’s office, as well as his strong relationships with Members of Senate Banking and House Financial Services, as well as Judiciary, Transportation and other key committees.

Mr. Novotney most recently served as Finance Chairman for the Prosperity For Pennsylvania Super PAC (Toomey Super PAC) which helped re-elect Sen. Pat Toomey in 2016.

He has focused his lobbying practice largely on financial services issues and has a vast number of relationships from his former colleagues and previous offices, as well as keeping a robust political activity to keep and gain great relationships in key offices.  Through his work with consumer lending, business lending, alternative finance, BDC’s (business development companies), debt funds and others, Joshua has vast experience in financial services issues.