• It is not the critic who counts…

    It’s the man in the ARENA

  • Your ideas become our task list.
    Your goals become our mission.

    Your success is our

    – Aaron Cohen


  • acquire the tools to thrive
    in today’s marketplace

    Government Affairs


  • build relationships &
    enhance your market presence

    Business Development


  • build relationships &
    enhance your market presence

    Strategic Planning


    About Arena

    Arena Strategies LLC, founded by Aaron Cohen in 2005, serves clients in Pennsylvania and beyond by providing government affairs, business development and strategic planning solutions to a diverse variety of companies and organizations from Fortune 100 to small non-profits.

    Philadelphia City Hall, where Arena helps our clients achieve their goals

    Headquartered in Philadelphia, the City of Firsts, and quickly expanding to Harrisburg and Washington D.C., Arena takes your innovative aspirations and creates a specialized, detailed framework to make your ideas a reality. Our targeted and comprehensive three-pronged “Arena matrix” will help us assess the risks and opportunities, develop the strategy and implement a detailed campaign to meet your goals.

    Every decision—corporate, political or organizational—must assess numerous factors. Our expertise gives us the unique ability to develop a plan and execute a strategy that exceeds the expectations of our client’s time and time again.

    Washington DC Capitol building, where Arena helps our clients achieve their goals

    At Arena, we invest in our clients’ needs. We understand that an effective organization must understand its client’s goals. Thus, we take the time to research and fully become comfortable with our clients’ needs and devise the best way to utilize available means including demographic, economic, and geographic research to provide them with a complete and personalized picture of their marketplace. Our unique combination of business, campaign and governmental experience gives us the unparalleled ability to plan and execute successful strategies across various industries.

    This industry is all about relationships. For the past 13 years, members of Arena Strategies have been working to make meaningful connections in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg. Arena’s relationships help our clients leverage the power of influential connections extending across the nation that are part of a vast network that includes local, state and federal government, private industry and numerous interest groups.

    We will work hand-in-hand with you to develop unique, innovative solutions to grow and advance your business, organization, or project. Our team develops plans and solutions based on detailed market research and in-depth examinations of your organization’s needs and goals.