• It is not the critic who counts…

    It’s the man in the ARENA

  • Your ideas become our task list.
    Your goals become our mission.

    Your success is our

    – Aaron Cohen


  • acquire the tools to thrive
    in today’s marketplace

    Government Affairs


  • build relationships &
    enhance your market presence

    Business Development


  • build relationships &
    enhance your market presence

    Strategic Planning



    Meet the Arena Strategies team. We work hand-in-hand on an individualized basis with our clients to develop unique, innovative solutions to grow and advance your business, organization or project. We develop plans and solutions based on detailed market research and in depth examinations of your organizations needs and goals.

    Aaron Cohen, President of Arena Strategies

    Aaron Cohen

    Aaron is the President of Arena Strategies. When he founded the company he paid homage to his political mentor Teddy Roosevelt by adopting his motto, to “dare greatly.”

    Priscilla Coblentz Cohen, Owner and CEO of Arena Strategies

    Priscilla Coblentz Cohen

    Priscilla Coblentz-Cohen is CEO and Owner of Arena Strategies, LLC. She believes that improving public policy is the most effective way to create healthy change in a society. 

    Jeff Becker, VP of State Affairs for Arena Strategies

    Jeff Becker

    Jeff joined Arena Strategies in May of 2012 as the Director of the Harrisburg office and returns to Harrisburg from Washington, DC, where he recently spent three years as the Special Assistant to the President of the National Rifle Association.

    Senior Advisor: Dominic Folino

    Dominic Folino

    Dominic is the Senior Advisor for Arena as well as the President of Spectrum Strategies. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are among his passions.