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Dominic Folino

Senior Advisor: Dominic FolinoDominic Folino is the Senior Advisor for Arena as well as the President of Spectrum Strategies. Spectrum focuses on government affairs, business development, strategic planning, blockchain education, and solutions for various organizations.

Dominic founded the Pennsylvania Blockchain Coalition (PBC), a nonprofit organization comprised of blockchain allies and users in various industries working together to create a wider acceptance of this crucial technology. The PBC focuses on education and advocacy regarding blockchain technology at the state and federal levels.

Before founding Spectrum, Dominic worked in-house at a financial services firm for nearly a decade. He helped manage the firm’s political, lobbying, charitable, and community initiatives, including the political action committee and its charitable affiliate.

He began his political career working for various campaigns around Pennsylvania. Dominic also served as chief of staff to a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are also a passion of Dominic’s. He is involved in various groups, including the steering committee of the US Blockchain Coalition, and is an advisor to the New Jersey, Connecticut, and Virginia Blockchain Councils. Dominic has spoken and moderated numerous panels on the subject.

Dominic is a graduate of La Salle University. He also completed the Accelerated Management Program at the Yale School of Management and holds an MBA from Villanova University.